Coaches of the year for the 2016 Spring Sports Season, have been named by the Wyoming Coaches Association.

Track and Field:

4A Boys: Mark Hileman - Kelly Walsh

4A Girls: Brent Jurgensen - Natrona County

3A Boys: Ty Draney - Star Valley

3A Girls: Bill Wiley - Jackson Hole

2A Boys: Dustin Lee - Pine Bluffs

2A Girls: Kirk McLaughlin - Big Horn

1A Boys: Mike Lashley - Lingle-Ft. Laramie

1A Girls: Briant Teichert - Cokeville

Assistant: Steve Mischke - Campbell County

Assistant: Andrew Marcure - Big Horn



4A Boys: Dan Bedford - Laramie

4A Girls: Kim Whisenant - Laramie

3A Boys: Tom Bresnehan - Jackson Hole

3A Girls: Tom Ralston - Jackson Hole

All Coaches of the Year are invited to the Wyoming Coaches Association Hall of Fame Banquet on July 22, 2016 in Casper, WY, where they will be introduced and presented with their award.

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