Seamus Casey is currently a 15-year-old sophomore at Thunder Basin High School in Gillette, Wyoming.

And while he may look like your normal athletic Wyoming teen, there are several things about him that are far from ordinary.

It turns out we aren't the only ones who are impressed with this young boy, he will soon be featured on “Marvel’s Hero Project,” a documentary series on Disney+.

Take a look at this trailer for the series.

Through doing what I love I've been able to help people and do something that's considered extraordinary, and everyone is capable of that.

What Casey loves doing is rock climbing, and he took this passion and used it to create a scholarship campaign "Dream of 13"  benefiting Folds of Honor children.

According to this article from, Casey began climbing at the age of 10 when he tried (and failed) to climb a rock wall at a friend's birthday party.

He decided to conquer his fear of heights and the rest is history, literally.

At the age of 13, Casey decided to use his growing internet popularity and his rock climbing skills to raise enough money to provide 13 Folds of Honor children with $5,000 scholarships.

He created three challenges for himself over the span of three days and asked for people to donate towards the scholarships. He met his goal of raising $65,000 in November of this year.

This video explains a bit more about his goals and desire to help Veterans and their families.

We can't wait to watch Casey's Marvel's Hero Project episode and learn more about his "Dream of 13" project.

I'm willing to bet that there is even more greatness in store for Casey in 2020.

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