A bill that has been filed for the upcoming session of the Wyoming Legislature would force Wyoming school districts to prominently post learning materials [such as books] and activities used to teach students on the district website.

You can read Senate File 62 here.

The information would have to be posted no later than July 1 after the school year. The bill is being sponsored by Sen. Ogden Driskill, the Senate Majority Floor leader. It's being co-sponsored by Sens. Cooper, Dockstader, Hicks, Hutchings, Kolb, Salazar, Scott and Steinmetz,  and Representative(s) Neiman and Paxton.

A September news release from the Wyoming Department of Education quoted Sen. Driskill as saying the legislation [which was at that point a draft bill that had not yet been formally filed] was intended to give

"parents the tools to know what is being taught in their children’s classrooms and prevents the indoctrination found in the critical race theory curriculum that has been pushed by the far-left and has found its way into some classrooms.

In addition to mandating the posting of learning materials and activities online, Senate File 62 says schools, starting at fourth grade, will teach

ii)  That Wyoming was the first jurisdiction to provide men and women with the equal right to vote and hold a public office when Wyoming's first territorial legislature passed the measure by law in 1869;

 (iii)  The history of slavery and race based discrimination, to include the end of slavery and efforts to end discrimination in accordance with the founding principles of the United States;

 (iv)  That it is wrong to be unfair to anyone or treat anyone differently due to their race or ethnicity.

The legislature is slated to meet in a 20-day budget session on Feb. 14 in Cheyenne. Because Senate File 62 is a non-budget item, it will need a 2/3 majority vote for introduction.

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