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Two influential Wyoming Senators are sponsoring a bill that they say '"prevents the indoctrination found in the Critical Race Theory curriculum.''

You can read a draft version of the Civics Transparency Act here.

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The bill is sponsored by Wyoming Senate Majority Floor Leader Ogden Driskill [R-Devils Tower], and co-sponsored by Senate President Dan Dockstader [R-Lincoln, Teton, and Sublette counties].

Driskill says the bill would "give parents the tools to know what is being taught in their children's classrooms." The legislation would require that "civics curriculum and materials would be published on school district websites so that parents and taxpayers could review them before the school year begins."

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow, who has been an outspoken opponent of Critical Race Theory in the classroom, has also come out in favor of the legislation.

Supporters of Critical Race Theory in education say it represents an honest representation of the role of race in American history, including what they say is the systemic repression of people of color.

But Balow, in a Friday news release, said:

“K-12 classrooms are not an appropriate forum for radical political theory such as CRT,” she said. “But it is not enough as state leaders to say what shouldn’t be taught, we also need to help school districts with what should be taught. That is why this bill is so critical. This bill empowers parents with the tools they need to oversee what is being taught in their district and provides guidance to districts on comprehensive U.S. history and civics instruction.”

The legislation could be considered by the Wyoming Legislature when it meets next year. Because the 2022 legislature is scheduled to be a budget session, a 2/3 majority vote will be needed to introduce non-budget items for consideration.

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