You can’t put a price on human life, or can you? In a life or death situation, you may have second thought of an air rescue that could keep you alive but kill you financially.

The Billings Gazette says “states are inspired to try to regulate air ambulance companies by citizen complaints that they're commonly hit with bills of as much as $100,000 per flight. Even people who have health insurance coverage often find it covers only a small fraction.”

“Wyoming Insurance Commissioner Tom Glause said his office has received private citizen complaints about huge air ambulance fees. He said he's heard of some bills reaching six-figures.” adds “The state of Wyoming is trying to block a federal judge's ruling that the state may not regulate how much air ambulance companies charge for transporting workers who are injured on the job and federal law prohibits state regulation of air ambulance companies."

In my opinion, companies deserve to be compensated for their services, but states should have the right to keep people from financial ruin and keep their budgets in shape. The question is, will reason prevail? Color me skeptical.


{n the meantime, don’t get hurt!

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