Those living in Wyoming have the best bargain for a low-cost college education according to MONEY Magazine. The folks at MONEY used data from the College Board to determine how much it would cost for parents in all 50 states to send two children to an in-state public university.

MONEY determined the lowest cost for education by factoring in the amount of money a family making $50,000 annually would pay in state taxes assigned to higher-education over a 25 year period. They then added that to the cost of four years’ tuition for two students to attend a public university within that state.

The end result left Wyoming clearly in the number one spot with the average cost plus taxes to send two children to college at $41,814. That’s over $13,000 less expensive than the second best bargain in Alaska, and over $90,000 less expensive than last place New Hampshire.

MONEY used figures for average tuition rates during the 2014-15 academic years. These figures do not factor in financial aid nor a change in tuition or taxes.

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees recently approved a five percent increase in tuition for the 2015-16 academic year, which will increase the in-state tuition by about $90 each semester. Trustees also adopted a policy for a four percent annual increase in tuition. Even with increased tuition rates, Wyoming is expected to continue to be the best higher-education bargain for families.

In addition, the University of Wyoming ranks 107th out of 665 colleges on MONEY’s list of Best Colleges For Your Money.

To see the full article from MONEY, click here.

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