Heidi L. Turpen has entered a plea in the case that alleges she was in possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

19-year-old Turpen was arrested at the end of March, along with 19-year-old Nathan Robertson on US Highway 287 North of Laramie.

Investigators say that a search of the vehicle yeilded controlled substances and paraphenalia including 15 ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Turpen faces one count of of felony and one count of misdemeanor "possession of a controlled substance." Turpen plead not-guilty to both charges in Albany County district court Tuesday morning.

Turpen is currently out on bond and living with her family out-of-state, under the permission of the court. She will face trail on the charges in early fall.

Nathan Robertson faces similar charges and is expected to enter a plea in the case in the near future.