Winter Travel Restrictions to begin on the Bridger-Teton National Forest on Sunday December 1st. Spokeswoman Mary Cernicek says the restrictions include areas of crucial wildlife winter range that are closed to all human presence. Josie’s Ridge, the K-C trail, Wilson Canyon, the slopes above the Putt-putt trail, the slopes north of the Game Creek trail and portions of the Gros Ventre drainage are examples of areas where no human presence is allowed in order to protect wintering wildlife. In addition, dogs are required to be on a leash on the first sections of the Game Creek and Putt-putt trails adjacent to the designated wildlife winter range.

Cernicek says when people enter closed winter range, animals are forced to move to new locations. Additionally, dogs off leash can result in animals not using habitat that is otherwise in good condition. Moving away from people or dogs requires animals, such as deer, elk and moose, to use energy they cannot spare.

She says snowmobilers need to be careful to not damage vegetation or create bare dirt trails by riding only where there is adequate snow cover. The Cache and Game Creek trails will once again be groomed by the Teton County Parks and Recreation Department for skiing, walking and snowmobiling, once there is adequate snow cover.