7 years ago this past weekend was a crazy Spring blizzard that pounded Southeast Wyoming and turned I-80 into a slippery parking lot. It's easy to forget that we get most of our snow out of the year in the Spring as the weather decides to go back and forth between warmer temps and perfect snowfalls. You know, that type of snow that's easy to pack and make snowballs and snowmen.

Well, it was 2015 when an April blizzard rocked Southeast Wyoming and caused a crazy amount of vehicle accidents. In a post from that day from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, there were three crashes that involved "33 commercial vehicles and 12 passenger vehicles".

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Just take a look at the pictures of the damage and chaos from that day. All of those semis are scattered across I-80, it's wild to see them tossed in every direction, and some not even upright on their own. Some were even close to making it on the other side of the median to the opposite lane.

It's amazing that there weren't any fatalities. This is a pretty scary situation if you're driving in those conditions. Not just for the passenger vehicles, but also for the semi-trucks. The idea of not being in total control in that situation is quite unnerving.

This is also a good reminder when we get annoyed by constant road closures on I-80 during the Winter(and Spring) months that they have to close the road down to avoid situations like this. That made for a long day all around.

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