Well, this will be up for debate no matter the outcome, how can you just pick one? Well, the folks at Treetopia think they have it figured out and narrowed it down to food, as in a dish and a dessert, so it's like a Christmas double feature. Here's how they figured it out.

We collected data on the popularity of over 35 recipes for traditional Christmas dishes, desserts, and drinks. This determined which Christmas dinner recipe and dessert recipe is most popular in every state.

Looking around the Cowboy State, Colorado is all about a Christmas Goose, Nebraska has to have green bean casserole, Montana loves Prime Rib and Idaho went stereotypical with roasted, you guessed it potatoes. What about the Cowboy State? We're putting double servings of Mashed Potatoes on our plates and I'm here for it!

Via Treetopia

Ok, what about those desserts? You can't have a great Christmas meal without the desserts, unless you get full of mashed potatoes, and that's totally acceptable.

Just like we did for the dinner recipes, we collected Google Trends data on some of the most iconic and delicious holiday sweets in every state to determine each one’s favorite.

Taking another look around the Cowboy State, Colorado and Idaho love Christmas Cookies, while Montana and Nebraska are all about Sugar Cookies. Where do we stand here in Wyoming? Ooooooooh Fudge! That's right, we're all about that Christmas fudge! I fit right in here in Wyoming.

Via Treetopia

What do you think? Do you agree that Mashed Potatoes and Fudge are where it's at with Christmas meals?

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