If you go to Google and ask what Wyoming's State Bird is, the Western Meadowlark pops right up.

What's the Wyoming State sport? Answer: Rodeo

What's the Wyoming State flower? Answer: Indian Paintbrush

What's Wyoming's State Dessert? Answer: None

What's Wyoming's favorite dessert? Answer: German Chocolate Cake, Huckleberry ice cream, Cowboy Cookies and Truffles were a few of the desserts that were mentioned.

These are all great options, but there isn't one that really stands out as 'Wyoming's Favorite Dessert'. These results made me dive deeper to see if there was a dessert more deserving of Wyoming's Favorite Dessert.

There was one that stood out to me, just because of it's name really.

Wyoming Pudding (also known as Wyoming Apple Pudding)

Ever heard of it? It was found in the book 'Cooking in Wyoming: Women's Suffrage Centennial Edition - South Pass City 1869-1969'

The ingredients are:


You bake it and serve warm with ice cream or cold with whipped cream.

When the word 'bake' was thrown into the mix, it didn't seem very 'pudding' like to me, but if bread pudding is baked so can Wyoming pudding. It really looks like a hashbrown casserole, but with ice cream on the side.

Wyoming Pudding Plate

After a pretty extensive search, I found a video of a young girl that was making Wyoming Pudding.

She does a great job of explaining the ingredients, mixing process and baking procedures. When it came time for her taste test, her reaction is mixed.

I would bet there are some Wyomingites that could doctor a couple of the recipes I found and make it a phenomenal Wyoming Dessert. Maybe even so good that we could make it the 'OFFICIAL Wyoming Dessert'.

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