The Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star volleyball game was on Saturday at Casper College with the South beating the North in 5 sets 25-16, 25-21, 25-16, 23-25 and 15-9. The South had the biggest hitter on the floor and that was Pinedale's Jamie Streit who had 8 kills in the match. McKenna Brog from Star Valley also had 8 kills and McKenzie Earl of Rawlins had 11.

For the North team, they were led by Brooke Conklin of Thunder Basin with 9 kills, with Alexia Allen of Meeteetse and Denali Jones of Worland each contributing 6 kills.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm from the players and fans which is what you would like to see in an all-star game like this. Take a look at our video of the proceedings at Casper College on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

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