The Outdoor Warning Siren System in Albany County will be tested on Friday, September 4 at 10 a.m.

This is part of the monthly test performed by the Albany County Emergency Management Agency on the first Friday of every month.

The sirens located in Laramie, Rock River, Centennial, and Albany will sound a steady signal for a period of one to three minutes.

The siren system is intended to warn those who are outdoors of an emergency and may not be heard from indoors.

During the test, residents are encouraged to take the time to step outside and listen for the sirens to guarantee they are familiar with the sound and to ensure they can be heard from the location.

Anyone who cannot hear the sirens while outside can notify the Emergency Management Agency via email at so they can work on correcting any existing problems.

During an actual emergency, residents should immediately take cover and tune into local radio or television stations for additional information. Additionally, residents are encouraged to sign up for the CodeRED notification system which notifies people via text or phone call during an emergency. Those signing up for CodeRED should note that the warning system may take several minutes to notify each subscriber during an emergency.

Residents should not call 911 seeking information when the alerts are sounded, as this ties up phone lines needed for emergency operations.

For further information on siren locations along with frequently asked questions about the sirens, please contact the Albany County Emergency Manager at or 307-721-1815.

Cancellation of the test may occur due to inclement weather.

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