A Gillette veterinarian announced Thursday that two horses being treated by his office have been confirmed to be infected with West Nile Virus.

Marshall Kohr of the Animal Medical Center says he received laboratory confirmation earlier this week. Testing on a third horse is still pending, according to a statement from Kohr.

The three horses are unrelated and from different parts of the county. Kohr says the cases represent a recent spike in confirmed West Nile Cases in Wyoming. He says one of the infected horses recently died of the disease, but he hopes the other two will slowly continue to improve.

Kohr says the horses presented with neurological symptoms, such as being wobbly on their feet.

In horses, the virus can easily be prevented with a vaccine, Kohr adds. Veterinarians at the Animal Medical Center recommend that horses receive the vaccine each year.

"There is no risk that a human can contract West Nile Virus from their horse," Kohr says.

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