The Wyoming Precision Shooting Club, a University of Wyoming Registered Student Organization, is partnering with Gunwerks, a Wyoming business, to clean up public lands on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Kyle Kuhn is secretary of the Wyoming Precision Shooting Club and he said the event, Change Your Range, is an initiative spearheaded by Gunwerks to clean up public lands.

Kuhn said Gunwerks contacted his RSO to see if they wanted to participate in organizing and hosting this event. Kuhn said the event is the first in what Gunwerks hopes to make a nation-wide initiative.

“We are kind of the guinea pigs or the launch of this to prove that it works, for Gunwerks, to show that this is actually something worth pursuing as a nationwide initiative to clean up public lands,” Kuhn said.

Kuhn said the Wyoming Precision Shooting Club agreed because it was an issue that the club feels strongly about.

Students and residents who want to participate can meet at the Laramie Rifle Range at 743 Rifle Range Rd at 10:00 a.m. on Nov. 4. From there, Kuhn said the volunteers will travel to Roger’s Canyon and focus on cleaning up the area on north 9th street.  Kuhn said the event will also provide some perks for volunteers.

“There’s quite a few goodies involved in this day,” Kuhn said.  “The first 50 people will get a free t-shit from Grunt Style and we are also providing lunch from McAllister’s and there’s going to be a drawing package some shooting steel that people can win.”

Kuhn said after the cleanup, Gunwerks will be letting volunteers try out their 1,000 yard long range rifles.

Participants will need to bring gloves and can also bring other tools to help pick up trash in the area such as shovels and wheelbarrows.

Kuhn said he hopes the event gets a lot of participation.

“This is a public event, we really hope to get as much support as possible,” Kuhn said.

The Wyoming Precision Club is a club for those interested in precision shooting to meet and practice the sport and learn the skills to shoot safely and well.


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