UL is holding a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, open to the public, at the Cirrus Sky Technology Park to celebrate their expansion into the previously vacant ‘Spec Building’, owned by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA). After UL made an agreement with the LCBA to expand into the vacant ‘spec’ building at the Cirrus Sky Technology Park, the City Council approved the release of the remaining funds to complete the construction of the Spec Building and construction commenced.

UL currently operates in the building on the right. They will be expanding into the ‘Spec’ building on the left. Photo Courtesy Laramie Chamber Business Alliance

UL is a global safety science company that does testing, inspection and certification on over 22 billion products globally.

“Our technical needs are growing and the expansion into the new area will help us do more to meet those needs,” said Randal Six, the IT Director said in a press release.

In 2014, UL picked 14 cities as a potential tech center hub, and Laramie came up on top as one of the places to add a location. “One reason is the University of Wyoming, but probably what tilted the scales was being a new facility at Cirrus Sky,” added Randal. “The growth potential and what Laramie had to offer, matched what they were looking for,” added Brenna.

The Laramie base for UL started with 4 people in 2014, in 2016 they had around 12 people that moved into the existing Cirrus Sky location. Currently, they have around 28 people. Most of their employees come from Laramie and now there is more interest from people on the Front Range.

Brad Enzi, CEO & President of the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA) remarked, “The UL expansion at the Cirrus Sky Technology Park is very exciting for Laramie and highlights our partnership with the City of Laramie in our commitment to finding innovative ways to attracting and retaining businesses in Laramie.”

Janine Jordan, Laramie City Manager said, “We are so pleased with the continued growth of UL and the fruitful partnership of City government and LCBA. Our economic development teamwork continues to pay dividends, creating job opportunities for residents and ensuring Laramie is a great place for tech businesses to grow.”

“The City of Laramie and LCBA have been incredible partners,” said Randal, “Sometimes I don’t think you always see the fruits of their labor, but it has definitely made an impact for us.”

“This is an outstanding opportunity to showcase Laramie and the University and make an incredible impression,” Brenna stated, “It’s a celebration of our success thus far and our future opportunities.”

The celebration on September 4th from 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM is open to the public.