We're not all built to enjoy the same music, some people are into rock, some are super loyal fans of country, hip hop has its fans in droves, and so on. With music festival season on its way, the website Zippia decided that they would do a survey by each state on what their favorite music festival is.

They figured this out by, first figuring out what the top 10 music festivals were across the country. The usual suspects popped up from Bonaroo to Austin City Limits. Then they used Google Trends to do some nerd magic that I'm not going to go into to figure out what festivals popped up the highest for each state.

Taking a look around the Cowboy State, Nebraska loves to hit up Chicago for Lollapalooza, South Dakota is all about Summer Fest in the upper Midwest, Montana likes to take trips to New Orleans for Voodoo Music And Arts Festival, while Colorado is all about Austin City Limits.

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I left out Utah, Idaho and of course, Wyoming, right? Well, all three states like the same music festival. So, we're heading to Las Vegas with those guys for Electric Daisy Carnival. 

I'm honestly pretty surprised that came out at Wyoming's favorite festival. It's an EDM(Electronic Dance Music) music festival. It DOES make sense for the number of EDM shows that come to Cheyenne. I just figured we'd be more on board with a country festival. Who knew!

If you just now decided that you wanted to fall in line with your fellow Wyomingites and head out to Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival next month, I've got bad news for you, the general passes are already sold out. It looks like you'll have to wait until next year.

What do you think? Is this way off base?

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