If I were to list the reasons why we love living in Wyoming, this would probably be a zillion words. But, there's one map that expresses many of those reasons in one tidy graphic.

I saw this shared on Reddit. Once you see what it's showing, you'll understand.

US States scaled proportionally to population density [1159x1024] from r/MapPorn

Ah, population density. Population (or the lack thereof) is one of the main reasons why many of us chose to move here if we weren't already born here. Other than Alaska, Wyoming has the lowest population density in the United States as confirmed by Statista.  6 people per square mile sounds about right and we think that might even be a bit crowded based on our personal tastes.

World Population Review shows that Wyoming's current total population is 567,025. If my current plans for us to annex Montana work out, we could have even more elbow room. Oh, I haven't mentioned that? Whatever you do, please keep this just among us. I haven't informed my many Montana friends that we plan for Glacier National Park to be a part of Wyoming soon. Shh.

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