Ouch. Right? That's kind of rude. Who goes around telling people their town in ugly. I'll tell you who, the website Alot.com. Specifically their travel branch. They broke down each state's "ugliest" city and even though I tend to disagree that Wyoming really doesn't have an ugly town, they full-on stepped their foot into naming one town, in particular, the ugliest.

They went through the painstaking process of finding each state's ugliest town, which, obviously, 50 states, so, 50 ugly cities, they might be a little jaded by the time they got to Wyoming.

So, what is Wyoming's ugliest state according to Alot? Afton, Wyoming.

As of 2010, the tiny town of Afton, Wyoming just missed the 2,000-person mark at barely 1,911 residents. With so few people in residence, it's no wonder that there's nothing to do except be slightly disturbed at the world's largest arch made of elk antlers lining the highway.

I think this might a little unfair. Taking a trip through Google Street Maps, it just looks like a small Wyoming mountain town. We have a lot of those...Alot. See what I did there?

I mean, take a look at this picture of Afton, it's not ugly at all! It's actually a really cool greeting sign for the town of less than 2,000. It's almost like a lukewarm welcome invitation to the town and their awesome mountains.

Google Street Map
Google Street Map

Honestly, I think a lot of greeting signs could do better. This is really cool. I went ahead and peaked to see what was the ugliest town in Colorado, Lochbuie, Colorado took first place in that, in case you were wondering.

What do you think? Does this poor town deserve the title of ugliest?

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