The internet can be a very wild beast. Especially if you're tracking information from people about different towns to rank in various lists like where the best place to live would be in your state. While we're in Wyoming and we really have fewer towns and cities than anywhere else in the country, we might(probably) have the loudest people behind a keyboard with very strong opinions.

So when a website tracks people's comments and renderings about a town, I usually feel like it's a better and more valid study than using Google Analytics. The website Niche compiled all kinds of reviews.

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Not to give away the sexy reveal too soon, the town that did the best review-wise, had TONs of reviews. Well, not tons, but it had over 200 reviews, so that's pretty good sample size for their feelings toward that particular town. While I'm not giving away the towns that made the list, I'll go ahead and tell you, that Cheyenne didn't make it. It came in 15th, but still had plenty of nice comments and people said nice things about the residents in the town, right off the bat.

So, who tops the list of best places to live in Wyoming? Well, you're about to find out. Below, I have the top 10 places to live in Wyoming, according to the website Niche. Which, again, take it with a grain of salt or take it as gospel, I think they did a decent job building their rankings. So, let's take a look at the list, shall we?

Top 10 Places To Live In Wyoming

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