A guy wanted to know if each NFL franchise has more fans than its actual name sake. For instance, there are more fans of the Chicago Bears than real bears. We might have guessed just the state of Wyoming has more real bears, but now we know.

While this is not scientific, people may really want to know what a social networker dude found when digging up information for fan’s of each of the 32 teams. Keep in mind he was a staff of one, but he made his report to reddit. And it gets funnier and funnier.

There are roughly 13,082,453 Broncos fans. A bronco is just an untrained horse. The vast majority of the world's 58,000,000 horses are domestic horses. Our award winning researcher says he “assumes” that most of those are trained since,

“I am extremely sick of looking all of this stuff up. And that means that there are probably more Broncos fans than broncos.”

There are roughly 5,642,181 Detroit Lions fans. The worldwide lion population is somewhere around 20,000. There are definitely more Lions fans.

There are roughly 16,024,215 Packers fans. (Isn't he a champ for still searching?) Our number cruncher wrote, “I don't really feel like doing extensive research on the worldwide meatpacking industry.” HA! Okay, we’ll accept not as many real packers.

You get the picture, and more humor is in the full breakdown here, which ends like this:

Summary: So the teams with fewer fans than their namesakes are:

Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers

Conclusion: Turns out that there are a lot of birds in the world.

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