PETA Targets City of Turkey for a Vegan-Friendly Name Change [VIDEO]
The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, does some good work, but it’s the organization’s more absurd stunts that often make headlines — and this one is a prime example. Citing the suffering of turkeys during the Thanksgiving season, PETA sent a letter to the mayor of Turkey, Texas and asked him to change the town’s name to the tofu-based meat alte
‘Bad News Bears’ Star Is Running for Congress
As a child actor, David Pollock played Rudi Stein, one of the lovable losers in the ‘Bad News Bears‘ film franchise from the ’70s. That role was pretty much the bulk of Pollock’s acting career, and he never made the transition to adult actor. Now, he hopes to make the transition to congressman. He is running for Congress as a Democrat representing California’s 26th Congressional District. Read Mor

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