Living in Laramie for six years now, I absolutely love the town. Whenever people ask me about the town in which I live, I always put Laramie's best foot forward so to speak. I talk up the surrounding area and all the outdoor activities. Things like fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing dominate my descriptions of Laramie life. I love to talk about the beauty of the area and how, for me at least, the town is the perfect size. Of course, there is the University of Wyoming which adds another layer of activities for those looking for something to do.

I, unfortunately, see and hear a number of bad things about the town, as well. I often hear people talk about why they dislike it: that it is dirty, boring, and small. I hear people say that visitors are disappointed or just flat out encouraged not to come.

I have always felt that Laramie is what you make of it, and while surfing the web I found a great demonstration of just that. I began to wonder what it is that people see of Laramie if they type "Laramie, Wyoming" into the YouTube search field.

In doing this, I stumbled across two videos made by the same people: one titled "Don't Come to Laramie" and one titled "Come to Laramie", both made by BurningTorchFilms and created three years ago. Both videos have the same script, have music in the background, and show a series of images from around the town.

One video shows the town as a terrible, bleak place that nobody watching would ever hope to visit. The other shows an uplifting, fun town with many activities and beauty.

What do you think of the films? Why do you think "Don't Come to Laramie" has so many more views than "Come to Laramie"? Does this change your view of the town?

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