Wyoming residents are the least happiest homeowners in the country, according to a new LawnStarter.com survey.

LawnStarter surveyed 5,672 people who purchased homes in 2019, and asked them 118 questions about their new homes.

Included were questions about whether they regretted their decision, and how satisfied they were with their new home's safety, job market, their neighbors' friendliness and whether it was a good place to raise kids.

The answers were weighted equally and converted to a 100-point scale, with 100 being the happiest.

Iowans were the happiest homeowners, scoring 86.67, and Wyomingites the least happiest, scoring 68.75. The national average was 81.

Almost half of the homebuyers from Wyoming regretted their purchase. They were particularly unhappy with the job market, and many gave their neighbors poor marks for their friendliness.

Only homebuyers from Washington, D.C., found their neighbors less friendly.

Read the full report here.


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