Governor Matt Mead is urging state employees to complete suicide prevention training offered online through the Wyoming Department of Health.

Mead believes state employees can make a difference in the fight against suicide.

"To prevent suicide we must equip people to recognize the warning signs," said Mead.  "More people trained in suicide identification and prevention gives us a better chance to make a difference."

The program takes approximately an hour to complete.  "Question, Persuade and Refer (QRP)" is a nationally recognized, evidence-based practice that trains people how to recognize and intervene in a suicide crisis:

  • Question a person’s desire or intent regarding suicide
  • Persuade a person to seek and accept help
  • Refer a person to appropriate resources

"Suicide is an issue that affects us all," said Mead.  "Knowing the signs and getting a person to the help they need may save their life."

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