Why hasn't the fountain at LaBonte Lake been turned on to help with the smell?


"The unit located in LaBonte Lake is called a Solar Bee. It does not have any 'fountain' effects, runs solely on solar power, and does not consume the large amounts of electricity that previous spray units did. The unit is intended to help the shallow lake circulate water from the lower regions utilizing a slow moving impeller. If you watch the center of the tripod, you can see an indicator flag attached to the impeller shaft that shows the rotation speed. The Solar Bee is fully operational and is part of an annual operation that includes the use of various chemicals, winter mowing, and increased circulation to prevent the growth of odor-emitting algae. This lake faces many issues that are difficult to address under current budgetary limitations. Shallow depth, impact from storm water runoff, and high nutrient content all contribute to the lake's condition."

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