Mudslides haved wreaked havoc on I-70 through Glenwood Canyon for a few weeks now and after the most recent one(s) this past weekend, Governor Polis has checked things out and the news is not good for those that want to travel over the mountains via I-70 over the next several days and more likely...weeks.

According to KDVR, Fox 31, the state is preparing to issue a state disaster statement and request a federal declaration under the Stafford Act which basically means, the state is asking for a national response to assist with this disaster. Vehicles have been stranded and destroyed, people have been stuck and many have narrowly escaped disaster and personal harm like this woman who described her ordeal over the past weekend.


We've seen countless pictures and even videos of the damage and it is incredibly disheartening and we thank ALL who are currently doing their best to clean things up and clear things out but not only is THAT going to be a process but waiting for the next monsoon to come storming through while holding our collective breaths is a whole other concern.

So here are with questions like when and how will we be able to get this stretch of road opened up safely and what kind of precautions will be put in place to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Polis is concerned with the potential for major damage to the I-70 viaduct, and said when the highway does reopen, it will likely only be one lane in each direction.


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