I moved here last year around this time, so I was too busy with that and getting adjusted and settled in to pay attention to any moose attacks that may have been happening. Maybe that's why I'm so surprised at the number of moose attacks I'm seeing and hearing about lately.

I know that it is rutting (mating) season, or REALLY close to the start of that time and that the moose tend to be on edge and extra angsty in and around mid-September through most of October. But attacks seem to be fairly frequent lately.

According to KDVR and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Boulder woman Diane Israel was attacked while hiking this past weekend and survived the attack by playing dead.

Israel, who said the attack happened early this past Sunday morning, forgot her headlamp when she came across the moose. It then came at her and started kicking her and smashing her in the head with its snout and head. Israel said the attack went on for about an excruciating 15 minutes.

She suffered injuries to her spine, a broken wrist, and several gashes on her body. But thankfully, she's alive.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated that this is the 2nd moose attack near Winter Park in less than a week.

The scary thing about moose is the fact that they will not yield to humans like black bears are known to do (for the most part) or even mountain lions at times. But moose, once they have their sights set on you, if they feel threatened, they're coming for you and there's not much you can do at that point except hope and pray. Or maybe find a big tree to get behind. Or a rock. Or even a car.

Thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for always being there with help on facts about different animals and helpful ways to avoid conflict and what to do if you happen to encounter a wild animal like a moose.

YouTube/Colorado Parks and Wildlife


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