Why are there so few stop signs in the neighborhood south of Spring Creek between 9th and 17th streets? There are dozens of intersections in this area that are not managed, but once you cross the bridge at 9th, 13th, 15th, or 17th into the "tree area," every intersection is managed with a stop sign. Living in the area, it's a hazard we all recognize, so why aren't there any stop signs?


"In order for an intersection to warrant a stop sign, there must be a high volume of motorized traffic as well as a history of safety problems. The intersections south of Spring Creek Drive currently do not provide evidence that either of the noted conditions exist. Another consideration for the installation of intersection stop signs is when the application of normal right-of-way is not notably apparent. Most intersections in the area are currently functioning in a safe manner and are not candidates for stop control."

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