Snowy Range Academy teaches students in kindergarten through ninth grade. It is a tuition-free charter school that was founded in 2002.

Margarita Rovani, Operations Manager, says that the school offers the Core Knowledge Sequence in its curriculum.

The school teaches language arts with a phonics focus, offers an accelerated math program, teaches character education in a non-religious way, and teaches Spanish

“We are also a really structured school,” says Rovani. “So for kids who need structure in order to do well, we’re definitely the school that you would be looking at for that.”

In addition, students at Snowy Range Academy wear uniforms. Rovani says the decision to require uniforms was geared towards limiting distractions among students. Rather than clothing putting a gap between students who have and student who don’t, all students have the same clothing. Rovani adds that some uniforms are offered on consignment at very low prices. She notes that often the cost of uniforms is considerably more affordable that purchasing new school clothes each year.

Enrollment in Snowy Range Academy is selected through a lottery system in mid-April.

The school will collect Letters of Intent to Enroll for next year until April 1, 2015.  Priority is provided for currently enrolled students, siblings of currently enrolled students, and staff’s children. In addition, another priority group had been added to the list. Parents who attend the school’s open houses or get a tour of the school will also have priority in the school’s lottery.

“The reason we did that is because we think it’s so important that parents truly understand what the school is about before accepting a seat at that school,” says Rovani.

Rovani says that each charter school provides a different experience, and it is important for parents to look into each school to find the one that is right for them and their family.

To apply for Snowy Range Academy, visit the school’s website and click on “Letter of Intent” on the left side of the screen. The form must be submitted to the school by April 1.

The lottery will then be held on April 15 to enroll students to the school. Parents will then be notified of the selection and will have two weeks to confirm they want the seat.

Snowy Range Academy is located at 4037 East Grand Avenue.

To learn more about Snowy Range Academy, visit

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