One person was injured and several businesses and homes suffered flood damage in Rock Springs, Wyo. Tuesday night after a storm pummeled the town with nearly two inches of rain in less than an hour.

Kara Beech, director of Human Resources for Rock Springs, says clean-up efforts are underway. She says an exact count of businesses and homes damaged by flooding is not yet known, but multiple structures were affected.

“With the volume of rain that we received in such a short amount of time—unfortunately being in the high desert—the storm drainage system is not able to keep up that quickly,” says Beech.

She notes that the drainage system is clear and functioning, but the volume of rain was too much for it.

Beech says the city is assisting with efforts to remove water from homes and businesses that still have water in them, especially those with basements.

“There were several businesses that were impacted, and they are in the middle of clean-up now,” says Beech. “A lot of them have been able to clean up, and we’ve had a lot of great volunteers and businesses come out to assist in those efforts.”

Additionally, sandbagging efforts continue as rain is in the weather forecast yet again.

Beech warns Rock Springs residents to stay aware and keep themselves away from areas that might have further flooding.

So far one injury has been reported as a result of the flooding, according to Beech. In that case, an individual was standing in front of a basement window when water began to rush in. Beech says it is her understanding that the injured person is doing well with recovery.

No fatalities have been reported.