The Associated Press is reporting that officials in Jackson, Wyoming are hoping a mound of dirt and rock will stop a slow-moving landslide from destroying a two-story parking lot next to Sidewinders Tavern.

Crews with dump trucks spent Monday afternoon depositing earth fill while an excavator piled rubble in the parking structure's first floor.

A survey marker behind the parking area has moved 4 inches in the last three days.

The slide began April 4 and the shifting ground has sheared one house in two. Four homes, two apartment buildings and several businesses remain evacuated while road damage has blocked access to about 30 other homes.

Crews working on the emergency stabilization buttress were pulled off the site temporarily due to continuous gravel slides on the Budge hillside behind Walgreens and directly above the Budge Drive intersection more than once during the day.  Significant movement has occurred on the hillside with increased depth and width to all cracks delineating the slide.  The eastern crack moved 3 feet in 24 hours with a fair amount of gravel sliding continuously throughout the past two days.  Additional continuous gravel slides are expected as well as calving of larger chunks in the high risk area.  Currently the gravel is being caught by the netting and is slowly beginning to spill over the chain link retaining wall behind Walgreens but not over the railroad tie retaining wall yet.

Streaming video of the Budge Drive area is made avaiable by the Town of Jackson here.

Due to the increased slides, Cole Nethercott, Unified Co-Commander cautioned all teams working on site, “To know your escape route at all times should it decide to let go all at once.”

Motorists are asked to focus on driving while in the Budge Drive area and be mindful of those in the crosswalk as many emergency personnel are utilizing the signal light and crosswalk at Budge Drive to access the area.

Residents in the evacuation advisory area are reminded that they enter at their own risk.  Evacuees and employees in need of continued services can contact The Community Resource Center at 739-4500.  Anyone in need of immediate mental health services should call the Community Counseling Center at 733-2046.

Here is a time lapse video showing some of the movement over several hours on Thursday.

Here is another short video showing some of the movement of the hillside.