What is the deal with the recycling pickup? It says every other week, but how are residents supposed to know which weeks it's being picked up? There have also been a lot of complaints about recycling not being picked up, should we call the city every time it doesn't get picked up?


"The city maintains an interactive map. When you enter your address, the map will show you your collection days. You can always reach us by calling 307-721-5279.

We have found that when trash or recycling is missing, it is due to one of three issues:

1. The cart was not placed out in time (carts must be placed for pickup by 7:00 a.m.).

2. The cart was overfilled (the lid must be closed)--these carts spill during the dumping process.

3. Carts are placed too close to objects such as: cars, gas meters, power poles, or other carts. The truck needs a minimum of 2 foot clearance to safely pick up the cart.

Sometimes, the carts are simply missed. If this happens, we are happy to come back and get it if you call 307-721-5279."

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