2022 is an election year, and some of the political races in Wyoming have already been heating up.

Wyoming's congressional race has been in the national spotlight since last summer.

Former President Donald Trump has set his sights on defeating incumbent Liz Cheney, endorsing Cheyenne attorney Harriet Hageman, a one-time Cheney friend, and political ally.

State Senator Anthony Bouchard of Laramie County has been vocal in his distaste for both Cheney and Hageman, calling them "BFFs" on social media. The congressional race has in fact been so active that a number of candidates have declared for that office and then withdrawn from the race, even though the primary election is not until August.

Among local races, the Laramie County Sheriff's race has likewise already seen a fair amount of activity, with several candidates declaring for the office being vacated by long-time Sheriff Danny Glick.

Some city and county office races around the state are beginning to draw some candidate announcements as well.

But the race for Governor of Wyoming in 2022 has so far been fairly quiet.

At least one candidate has scheduled appearances and launched a Facebook page, Brent Bien. But the man who currently holds the office, Mark Gordon has not formally announced his political plans.

Gordon, who served as Wyoming Treasurer prior to being elected governor in 2018, is probably best known for serving through the COVID-19 pandemic. He's a Republican in a heavily Republican state, although it's worth mentioning that Wyoming does have a history of electing Democrats as well as Republicans to the governor's office.

While he hasn't officially said what his plans are, the filing period for political candidates in Wyoming to get on the primary election ballot is coming up starting on May 12, a little more than six weeks away.

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