Not far from Laramie resides a wilderness gem. Pilot Hill rises out of the foothills of Laramie's prairie, a scenic wildlife habitat with some of the best views in the Laramie Basin. The area is relatively undeveloped, but that is changing. Recently, Pilot Hill announced that the Hughes Charitable Foundation donated $800,000 to fund the construction of trails central to phase one of the Pilot Hill Land Use Plan.

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The Pilot Hill Recreation & Wildlife Habitat Management Area was established in 2020 through a partnership with Albany County, the University of Wyoming, the WY Office of State Lands, and the historic Warren Ranch. It was received with much applause, providing a new avenue of outdoor recreation while preserving wildlife and water access for Wyomingites.

Totaling 7100 acres, Pilot Hill features a northern recreation corridor now planned to contain 50 + miles of the non-motorized trail system. The system connects the City of Laramie to trails inside the Medicine Bow National Forest, offering easy access to some of Wyoming's unique wildlife scenery. It's one of the best ways to explore the National Forest.

Based in Wyoming, the Hughes Charitable Foundation supports organizations that serve families and individuals. The Foundation stands in the hope of building local communities that not only survive but truly thrive by contributing to their overall well-being.

The Pilot Hill Land Use Plan is a huge effort. It should come as no surprise that an estimated $6 million is needed to complete all three phases of the plan.

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