Due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot more people than usual are voting in 2020 by mail-in ballots as opposed to the traditional method of going to vote on election day.

Are you concerned about a greater opportunity for fraud with mail-in ballots?

President Trump, among others, has expressed that mail-in ballots may be more vulnerable to election fraud than traditional voting methods, especially in areas that have a history of election fraud.

But defenders of mail-in voting say there is no real evidence of that happening on any significant scale anywhere in the country. They also point out that people have been mailing in ballots for years, and that the only thing different this year is that more people are likely to do so.

Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee recently said she was very confident in the integrity of Laramie County and Wyoming election results, including mail-in voting. She did not discuss the possibility of election fraud in other parts of the country,

So what do you think? Do you trust the integrity of mail-in balloting?

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