We don't have to mention how big of a year it is for an election or how important your vote is. Facebook is already doing an obnoxiously good job of asking if you've registered. The real question is, can you take a Ballot Selfie while you're doing your civic duty? I mean, sure you can take one after you vote, but what fun is that? It's great to have your I voted sticker, but if you can't have a selfie, a Tik Tok, an Instagram post or a Tweet, did you really vote?

So diving into the question myself, all it took to find out the answers I was looking for was a quick phone call to the  Laramie County Government Building. Here is what I found out.

It IS Illegal To Take A Photo Of Your Ballot

You Aren't Allowed To Have Your Phone Out While Voting

But You Can Have Your Phone With You, Just Not Out

So what does that mean for your sweet voting selfie? Just don't do it. That's what I gathered, yeah, it's a definite grey area, but why would you want to cause a ruckus if you don't have to? My wife and I did early voting yesterday, she at least had the common decency to take her voting selfie in her car, after voting. Meanwhile, I didn't even think about taking one.

If you'd still like to vote early, you can do so, the polls are open until November 3rd, which is election day.

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FAQs About Voting in Wyoming


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