Wyoming residents, as well as most other people living in the United States, will turn back their clocks by an hour on Sunday, November 4.

Residents of Arizona and a few other areas of the country do not change their clocks, and several bills have been introduced in the Wyoming Legislature in recent years to do away with the time change by keeping that state on either Daylight Savings Time or Standard time all year long.

So far, however, none of those proposals has won final legislative approval. Supporters of the current twice-a-year time change say that unless several states in the region agreed to do away with the change at once, Wyoming would be out of sync with surrounding states for at least part of the year.

Some time change supporters claim it helps farmers and ranchers and that it saves energy, although some studies cast doubt on the idea that it saves significant amounts of electricity.

Opponents of the time change point to an increase in accidents when the clock changes, which is thought to be related to the disruption of people's sleep schedules. Some opponents of the change argue there is no real reason to keep doing it except a ''we have always done it that way" mindset.

So what do you think?

If Wyoming could legally do away with changing clocks twice a year, would you support that idea? We'll publish the results of our survey in a few days.

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