Author's Note: Multiple questions pertaining to this subject were submitted and received similar answers. To avoid redundancy, they have been combined into one post.

Question 1:

Why is there not enough police enforcement on South Colorado? The WyoTech speeders are horrible.

Question 2:

Why doesn't Laramie Police Department patrol the "drag strip" on 19th Street by Campus Habitat? It is constantly being raced up and down by vehicles, in addition to four wheelers and dirt bikes. There are numerous children living in the area are constantly in danger when trying to cross the street, as are drivers attempting to turn onto the road.


"Police patrol all areas of town as time permits. Based on this concern, we will direct traffic enforcement patrols to the area. In addition, the Laramie Police Department requests residents to report these incidents when they happen. Please include vehicle description, driver description, direction of travel, and license plate number if possible"

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