The Albany County Sheriff’s Office has identified the body of a woman, found in 2010, as Rosella Lovell (Left). A picture of a facial reconstruction based on the remains found (right) aided investigators in the identification. (Photos courtesy of Albany County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities have identified a 55-year-old woman whose body was found by a sheepherder north of Laramie in 2012.

The Associated Press reports the Albany County Sheriff’s Office this week identified the remains as those of Rosella Lovell, who was a janitor at the University of Wyoming.

Detective Cpl. William Meyer says tips began coming in early October right after a story in was published in a local newspaper outlining efforts to identify the woman.

“Some individuals thought that the facial reconstruction looked like an individual they used to work with,” said Det. Cpl. Meyer.  ”Started checking with local dentists offices in the Laramie area and found one where she was a patient.  I was able to do a dental comparison based on that.”

Meyer says the cause and circumstances of her death remain unclear but an autopsy didn’t reveal any trauma.

Authorities haven’t found any family in Laramie.  It is believed that Lovell graduated high school in Idaho and lived in Greeley, Colorado for about 10 years before moving to Laramie.

“We can only thank the citizens of Laramie,” says Meyer.  ”They definitely helped in this.”

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