Yesterday the city of Laramie experienced quite a scare as a pipe bomb was discovered in an abandoned car. The vehicle was a silver Subaru Forester that had been towed to Miner's Auto Service and Cowboy Towing. The car was abandoned on July 28th just north of WyColo in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The small city of Laramie isn't a typical city you would think of when it comes to high rate of crime let alone dealing with the threat of a pipe/car bomb. A section of West Laramie encompassing I-80, Snowy Range Road and Pierce Street was evacuated yesterday.

Employees at Miner's Auto Service discovered the pipe bomb while doing an inventory on the abandoned vehicle which had been locked up until yesterday. When the pipe bomb was discovered officials were called in to disarm it. The Laramie Police Department, Laramie Fire Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms responded to the scene.

When the three agencies arrived, a perimeter was established and equipment was brought in to dispose of the bomb safely. The pipe bomb was successfully disposed of around 4pm and employees and residents in the area were allowed to return to the area shortly after. The incident is currently under investigation.

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