Three people have been arrested by undercover police who accuse them of being involved in a massage business that offered more.

Jimmy Suen, the owner of Lovely Massage located near 13th and Poplar Streets in Casper, along with employees Ren Qingyun, and Xiao Rong Si, have all been arrested for prostitution.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department and the FBI say on Friday evening, October 14th, undercover officers entered the business for a massage, and during the session, each of the women pointed to the officers genitals and asked if they wanted him to touch him there.

The bust signal was given and the arrests were made.

When interviewed, Suen said the business had a contract with the employees in which they had to sign a release of liability for the sexual acts that occurred, while providing customers with massages.

He advised the paperwork was written in chinese, but could not provide it, and he didn't know where it was located.

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