In a recent study from Vox, they evaluated every state on how many uninsured residents that have become insured since Obamacare became in effect. Most states have seen a large decrease in the number of uninsured Americans, but the Cowboy state has seen an increase in the number of uninsured. The main concept of Obamacare was to make sure every American has health insurance, and that has failed for Wyoming.

Vox wrote:

Then there is Wyoming, where the uninsured rate increased 9.6 percent as Obamacare took effect. This could have something to do with the cost of health care in Wyoming. The state has some of the highest Obamacare premiums in the country. Most states' monthly average premiums hover between $200 and $250. In Wyoming they're $426.


Across the country the rates are varied on how well Obamacare worked. The only consistency is the lack of consistency.

Vox Media