Two routine traffic stops made by the Wyoming Highway Patrol today resulted in arrests and possible felony charges. Both instances involved the seizure of marijuana and took place on Interstate 80 in the western part of the state.


According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the first seizure was made on eastbound Interstate 80 approximately 11 miles east of Rock Spring. During a traffic stop for an unsafe lane change the Trooper could smell the strong odor of marijuana. The stop resulted in the seizure of just under 6 pounds of marijuana located in a duffle bag in the trunk of the vehicle.

The driver was cited for driving with a suspended driver's license and faces felony charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. The driver said she was coming from California and going to Indiana.

The second  seizure took place on eastbound Interstate 80 approximately 22 miles of Rock Springs. The vehicle was pulled over for following a tractor trailer with less than a car length between. During the traffic stop the Trooper deployed his drug detection K-9 around the vehicle and was soon alerted to the presence of contraband. Troopers seized roughly 73 pounds of marijuana in four black duffle bags and arrested the two individuals who will also face felony charges. The two individuals said the were on their way to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Las Vegas, Nevada.


In addition to preventing the sale of nearly 80 pounds of marijuana, State Troopers, with the help of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security's Rapid Response Hazmat Team and the Evanston Fire Department, siezed over 350 marijuana plants from a rental truck en route to New Jersey. 

A Trooper made a traffic stop for a speeding violation and after obtaining consent to search, found that the enclosed cargo box of the truck contained a growing operation with equiptment and 363 starter marijuana plants 4-6 inches tall. Chemical suits were utilized by law enforcement personnel because the live plants may have had applications of unknown chemicals and fertilizers.


The seizure was made on October 6th, 20 miles east of Evanston on Interstate 80. The driver and the passenger said they were headed for New Jersey from northern California. Both individuals were arrested and have been charged with felony possession of a controled susbstance with intent to deliver and with felony conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.