I've noticed quite a few of the cars parking in front of the new high high school picking up students after their classes are parking in an area that has been designated as "No Parking." The vehicles parking against the curb are blocking one lane of traffic, why is there no enforcement during this time?


"Laramie's police officers enforce parking violations as time permits. In areas surrounding Laramie High School, vehicles frequently make short stops to pick up students and are not strictly creating a "parking" violation of the posted "No Parking" signs. Additionally, for several minutes after the school's release of students, a backup is created by drivers who are legally in the "circle drive" to pick up students. This backup often extends to Boulder Drive, and it would not be reasonable for officers to ticket drivers involved in that backup. The city intentionally created two lanes on Boulder Drive when the high school was built, knowing the potential for this kind of backup could occur."

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