The Burger King on the corner of 3oth and Grand in Laramie will be a pile of rubble by this weekend. Don’t worry though, a new BK will be opening at that location in December. Director of Operations Chris Lesher says they are starting from scratch to bring a new Burger King to the Gem City.

Lesher reports that this project has been in the works for two years now, but the slow economy meant that it took longer to secure financing. Once the financing was in place, they tried to get the construction underway during the summer, but construction crews were already all booked up which pushed the project back to the fall.

The old Burger King closed its doors on the afternoon of August 28th to allow for the building to be cleared out before demolition takes place this weekend. The window for opening the new BK is in the first week of December and they will be hiring in November. The new building will look like the new Burger King in Rawlins according to Lesher. It will feature a double drive thru and have a playground.

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