Multiple wrestlers from Natrona County High School were suspended from school and some were removed from the wrestling team following an incident on a school bus last month.

The bus was traveling back to Casper from a wrestling tournament on Jan. 26, according to a statement from the Natrona County School District. The incident involved "violation of student code of conduct and behavior expectations," the district said.

"Per District protocol, law enforcement was immediately contacted," the statement reads in part. "Students involved were disciplined in accordance with district behavioral guidelines and student code of conduct."

Coaches or team staff were not properly seated in the middle, rear and front of the bus in order to actively supervise the students, the district said. That seating arrangement is requisite per district protocol.

"Appropriate steps are being taken to ensure protocol is followed and that students have active supervision at all times," the statement concludes.

The district did not release further details.

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