A Florida man accused of attempting to drive through Wyoming with 102 pounds of marijuana pleaded guilty to a felony charge Wednesday in Albany County District Court.

Dane Gerkins, 28, pleaded guilty on one count of possession of a controlled substance. In exchange, the state will drop a second charge: possession with intent to deliver.

But the plea deal does not include a sentencing recommendation, meaning Gerkins could very well serve the maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Gerkins was arrested with Brandon Christopher Bamond, 34, in March after a state trooper stopped the pair for speeding. After the men gave conflicting stories and couldn't produce the vehicle's registration, the trooper had K-9 Frosty sniff around the vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Court documents say the dog alerted at the driver's side door, and a search turned up 62 packages of marijuana weighing 102 pounds in total as well as two packages of marijuana wax weighing 2.2 pounds and $3,603 in cash.

Bamond took a similar plea deal at the beginning of September.

In court Wednesday, Gerkins refused to name the person who gave him the marijuana. Judge Jeffrey Donnell asked the question three times, but Gerkins remained silent.

Donnell told Gerkins that he must consider the likelihood of Gerkins succeeding on probation when it comes time to decide his sentence, and Gerkins' silence indicated that Gerkins was not remorseful and unlikely to reform.

"Seems to me that a guy who's willing to further the illegal sale of drugs," Donnell said, "is a danger to the community and needs to be locked up."

Donnell then twice asked Gerkins what he paid for the marijuana. Gerkins again remained silent.

After some discussion with defense attorney Randy Hiller and a recommendation from Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent to revoke Gerkins' bond, Donnell ordered Gerkins remanded to custody pending sentencing.

"See you in about three months," Donnell said.