The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocked large rainbow trout in Crystal and Granite reservoirs on December 3, 2014. Both reservoirs received about 500 fish.

The trout released into the reservoirs are about 16 inches in length with an average weight of three pounds. According to the Wyoming Game and Fish, some of the fish released are in the six to seven pound range at about 22 inches in length.

These trout were brood culls, which are fish that are from the breeding stock at Boulder Fish Rearing Station.

As breeding stock, these fish produce between 2.5 and 3 million eggs per year. The eggs are shipped from hatcheries around the state.

Brood stock are beyond their peak spawning production when they reach three to five years of age, so they are released into lakes and rivers for the state’s anglers to enjoy.

Laramie Fisheries Supervisor Mike Snigg guides a delivery hose into a hole in the ice to get the fish safely into the lake at Crystal Reservoir. Game and Fish Dept. Photo.