It's Jubilee Days weekend, and for me, that means one thing: enjoying good ol' fashioned fair food. Fair food is one of those things that you know you can't eat every day of the year, so you look forward to it even more when the summer fair season rolls in.

Of course, there are many delicious options at Jubilee Days, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and other Wyoming fairs. Seriously, it's hard to choose. This year, I saw a mouthwatering array of food options from Downtown vendors and at the carnival. But what, I wondered, was the best option?

I asked the folks of Laramie what their favorite fair foods were, and they came back with a ton of suggestions. Chaco's Tacos was a big one, as well as corn dogs, a bucket of cookies, cotton candy, and Indian Tacos. All of that sounded amazing, but two options got the most recommendations. Can you guess what they are?

Drum roll, please...

Laramie's favorite fair food came down to a fantastic combo: funnel cakes and freshly squeezed lemonade.

Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie
Phylicia Peterson, Townsquare Media Laramie

Naturally, during my adventures at Jubilee Days, I had to take their advice. I grabbed a piping hot funnel cake (they smell soooo good) and ordered a freshly squeezed lemonade.

Fun fact about funnel cakes - their first recipe appeared in a German cookbook in 1879 (according to Gold Medal.) German immigrants brought the delightful recipe to Pennsylvania and popularized them at the annual Kutztown Folk Festival. After that, the crispy, fluffy fried dough became popular at American fairs and carnivals.

It turns out they pair perfectly with fresh lemonade. I sat down at Laradise Lane to chow down on my treat. And yeah, I enjoyed every minute of it.

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